Sunday, April 27, 2008

Suicide Bombers and rubber bands

Did you know Suicide Bombers or Shahids wrap their dicks with rubber band, because to have fun with their 72 virgins in heaven they think this way their dick will stay in one piece during the explosion??


This is as hilarious as trying to create clouds with metal pipes. While your car flies into 1000 pieces, you think you can save your little friend with some rubber tape? Not even if you wrap him with steal chains!

A straight 10 on the human bolloks scale.

To all wannabe Shahids in the world. If you like to use your brain for a second you will see that

"Allahu Akbar" (God is great) clearly means

No virgins waiting for you dickheads in heaven.

Because if there is God, he is in fact so great, that there is only bitterness waiting for you for what you have done once you will recognize Gods true wisdom and benevolence.

And if there is no God, what you do is just murder.

Ask the one's preaching the advantages of Shahids (martyrs) to blow themselves up and enjoy some virgins and you will see the fear in their eyes. You will find out that all they told you is lies. Once they have used you like a tool, they secretly laugh about your stupdity.

As we talk about laugh. Have a look at "Achmed the dead Terrorist"

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