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From Orgone Energy to the Cloudbuster

On day a good friend of mine found this flyer (click on it to see at bigger scale) and forwarded it to me.

It was a symposium around Wilhhelm Reich, a psychoanalyst and a scholar of Freud. Especially the last lecture "orgonic clima manipulation with the Cloud Buster" was promising an interesting day. Always looking for thoughts worth thinking I once more followed my passion.

When I got there the room was filled with a 100-150 people and that amount was kept during the day. The symposium had been organized by the study group "Wilhelm Reich", a bunch of young guys and girls.

First one to jump into the vat was

Prof. Dr. Senf.
He gave an excellent introduction about Reich, psychoanalysis by Freud, and how Reich had developed and improved his techniques.
Freud had come up first with free association. It's a technique where the patient freely says the whatever thoughts crosses his mind, regardless of how superficially unimportant or potentially embarrassing the memory is. The psychoanalyst then writes down the terms, trying to sort or group them subsequently, trying to see the picture and hence getting to source of problem. It is based on the assumption that in the associative process each thought triggers other thoughts to come up, hence to uncover bit by bit the problem that might be e.g. a traumatic experience inaccessible to the patients conscious.
Until Reich, the rules in psychoanalysis were, that the patient was visually and physically separated from the analyst.
But sometimes during the treatment the free association process cuts off, before a clear picture can be drawn. Reich now had noticed that once this happened, this was sometimes accompanied with a certain body gesture e.g. crossed arms, or a grim facial expression.
He developed the term of "Body Armour" to describe this symptom. In order to break the body armour he, once the association had ceased, for example massaged the patients eyebrows or forehead in case the body armour was a facial expression or simply relaxed the patients arms.
In some cases now he experienced strong emotional reactions once the blockage was lifted or the free association process started to flow again.
What sounds like a wise improvement of conventional psychoanalysis to me, was considered sacrilege by his colleagues and consequently he got kicked out the society of psychoanalysts.
Fleeing the war he emigrated to the US, where among the further development of his theories, he started experiments which were aimed to find out the origin of life.
He experimented with hay extract. Once you put hay into a bucket of water, you notice that after a few days, numerous protozoa, single-celled creatures inhabit your bucket. During his examinations he noticed that under certain conditions the protozoa where surrounded by blue pulsating light or energy. This he contemplated the energy of life and named it "Orgone".
Further more he discovered that this energy could be added or subtracted from people. Imagine 2 people are to perform a certain simple repetitive task. Before they start the first person receives motivation and support and the other is insulted and humiliated.
Who is going to perform seems common sense to me. So the conclusion was that there is positive and negative energy. The antagonist to the positive "Orgone" energy then was called "Dor".

At this point Ms. Fuckert took over.

Ms. Dr. Med. Fuckert
was working a psychoanalyst following the approach of Reich. She talked about her experiences she had made during her work. What I remember is that she mentioned that she had some patients that got mentally devastated by common psychotherapy, whom she could help.
I once made a similar experience, when a very good friend of mother nearly got tortured into insanity.

So, to be honest. I had some idea, what she was talking about.

What startled me about the person of Ms. Fuckert was my impression, that she had some mental problems as well. I had the impression of a person that would easily start to cry once you put her under little pressure. Well, but I am really not sure about that. I unfortunately had no occasion to talk to her personally.

Dr. med. Jorgos Kavouras
Things were about to get interesting when Mr. Kavouras was about to lecture "How to heal with Orgone energy"
Mr. Kavouras first started to explain us that a sickness can develop in all 3 meta-levels The soul, the conscious, and the body, consecutively or concurrently. Then told us how sick we really are by coming up with 4 categories from 1 "Very Healthy" to 4 "Almost Dead" and telling us that over the last years the health of his patients had worsened and hence was more in the lower categories than it was before. His conclusion to this was, that our health was deteriorating , mostly for excessive use of antibiotics and vaccinations.

He built several healing machines by himself, all based on the Orgone Accumulator with which he was treating his patients.

The Orgone Accumulator
was first invented by Reich and is basically a wooden box coated with layer of organic material and metal. This things now start to suck in Orgone energy. The common prove for his theory was that the temperature in the Orgone Accumulator was higher than the surrounding temperature.

So he just had invented the perpetual motion machine

He found this so amazing that the could convince even Einstein to conduct some experiments with and to prove his findings.

As taken from Wikipedia

"On December 30, 1940, Reich wrote to Albert Einstein saying he had a scientific discovery he wanted to discuss, and on January 13, 1941 went to visit Einstein in Princeton. They talked for five hours,[32] and Einstein agreed to test an orgone accumulator, which Reich had constructed out of a Faraday cage made of galvanized steel and insulated by wood and paper on the outside. Einstein agreed that if, as Reich suggested, an object's temperature could be raised without an apparent heating source, it would be “a bomb” in physics.[33] This heating effect would be an amazing result since it would allow the construction of a perpetual motion machine,[34] which would violate the laws of thermodynamics.[35]

Reich supplied Einstein with a small accumulator during their second meeting, and Einstein performed the experiment in his basement, which involved taking the temperature atop, inside, and near the device. He also stripped the device down to its Faraday cage to compare temperatures. In his attempt to replicate Reich's findings, Einstein observed a rise in temperature, which according to Reich was the result of a novel form of energy—orgone energy—that had accumulated inside the Faraday cage. However, one of Einstein's assistants pointed out that the temperature was lower at the floor than that on the ceiling. Following that remark, Einstein modified the experiment and, as a result, concluded that the effect was simply due to the temperature gradient inside the room. He then wrote back to Reich, describing his experiments and expressing the hope that Reich would develop a more skeptical approach.

Reich responded with a 25-page letter to Einstein, expressing concern that “convection from the ceiling” would join “air germs” and “Brownian movement” to explain away new findings, according to Reich's biographer, Myron Sharaf. Sharaf writes that Einstein conducted some more experiments, but then regarded the matter as “completely solved”.

The Dr. showed some photos of his machines. There was basically a box with hoses attached that ended in a funnel. The patient sits between those funnel and gets his daily dosage of "Orgone Energy". He also used the "Dor Buster" in the treatment of his patients. A Dor Buster is basically a metal pipe with an hose attached that ends in a water tank.

So we learn.

Dor Energy is water soluble and likes to crawl through hoses and pipes.

"Puuh", I thought "what a blessing. Better than to take a bath in turpentine twice day."

So Dor Energy flies looking for a metal pipe and some water attached to it. When it found it, it thinks "This looks great, lets crawl in there". But How does Dor energy recognize a pipe? Round or also square shaped? Up to which diameter? Also plastic pipes? Why does Dor Energy not dissolve freely in the water? Means the oceans should be a hell of a Dor sucker then. When it is flying around, why does it need to crawl through a pipe first?

Questions over questions that remained unfortunately unanswered.

With dor buster he then sucks out the bad energy. He warned about the usage of the Dor Buster, as it can accumulate high if not deadly doses of Dor Energy. Some friend of him got a stroke when touching a Dor Buster at the wrong end and is half side paralyzed since then.

At this point a guy in the audience came up.

"Yeah!" he said. "Here at the university I once touched a steel pipe, when I got struck by an intense pain". "I later found out, that the room was used by wireless operators before. I had problems with my small intestine for month, as it was my the small intestine meridian that got hit during the discharge"

"Oh boy....". Up to this point I thought the audience was normal, and the stranger in front of us, when I now slowly realized the fact, that everybody considered himself normal and me being the stranger here.

"Yes" the Dr. said. For the same reason he can only treat 2 or 3 persons a day as his patients bring so much Dor into his rooms, that everything else could be hazardous.

"??? Then a hospital would be one of the most deadly places to go to."

He talked about his experiences when he treated cancer patients with his machines, but apart from decongestant effects he himself could not attest any improvements. His greatest success was, when he once over weeks healed a sort of hemorrhoids.

Considering his rejection of antibiotics and vaccinations, while in the same time favoring sitting in front machines having as much healing power as my vacuum cleaner, I was not puzzled anymore that the health of his patients had continuously degraded over the last years....

When he finished I found my worries about the relation between me and the rest of the audience confirmed, as he got standing ovations.

Then it was to

Dr. Phi. Andreas Heilmann
who at first did not fail to remember us that he made his dissertation about the Orgone Energy.

"Wow, must be a pro then"

His lecture was about

"The orgonic resonance as origin of a new perception and as extension of the scientific view of the world"

Yep, and the same amount I understood about his lecture. I suspected a high number on the bollocks scale, but with all this verbal smoke grenades this was impossible to tell. Less than 50% of his words made any sense to me, and not more than 10% of what he said was understood. Trying to understand or to find a meaning in his gibberish took just too long related to his amount of information he cramed up your ear. Over the time this caused permanent mental overflows, resets, loss of information and an increasing headache.

In short: To me this was more juggling with technical and philosophical terms, a verbal battle of Verdun, while making an earnest face rather than a lecture.

What I understood was that he demanded some change in the paradigms in physical science. In other words, they believe that the mind creates nature. If just enough people believe in Orgone Energy, there will Orgone Energy all around us and we all life in eternal happiness.

By the end of his torture first drops of blood were running out of my ear, when finally

Dr. Manfred Fuckert

hopped on the stage. After nearly being babbled to death his lecture "Orgonic clima manipulation with the Cloud Buster" promised some fun again.

He started low with when he explained the audience he spent a lot of time with conducting the experiments Reich had used to prove and examine the Orgone energy.

In short he told us that every single of his experiments to prove Orgone Energy

had failed.

For years.

Also he was not able to reproduce most of the Reichs findings. The only similar result he could come up with, that the temperature inside an "Orgone Accumulator" was *most of the time* higher but *sometimes* lower than the outside temperature. This he found was mostly related to weather. If the weather was about to rain, the temperature inside the accumulator could be lower.

"That's the proof!!" I thought.

Then he showed his "Dor Buster" for home usage to the audience. This was basically a plastic tupper box with for small metal pipes sticking vertical in the cover and a small water pump in the inside. Filled with water, this thing was supposed to free the room of bad energy. He warned though, to not use the water for human consumption as it is charged with bad energy.

But then he finally came to his main topic. And guess what. It started with a meteorological map from Europe from 26th of April 1986. At this day he said, he had woken up feeling very weak, he was in a bad mood, and could not enjoy himself at all. So he looked in the sky and noticed a huge amount of Dor energy in the atmosphere. "Lets better bust this" he thought and went in his garden to get his "Cloud Buster" armed and ready.
A Cloud Buster works basically the same like a Dor Buster, so a steal pipe on a stand, with some hoses that convey the Dor Energy into water where it is dissolved. See this link to get a picture and to see what is necessary to build a Cloud Buster yourself.
It must have been a good bust, because showing the meteorological map of the next day, he pointed out how his Cloud Buster had taken effect on the weather.
"And then 3 days later", he presented proudly, "Tschernobyl was in the press as it had been covered-up by the Russian government for the first days". "Now I knew what had made me feel bad all these days"

At this point a striking pain was flashing through my head.

An overdose of Dor Energy?

No, just a massive bullshit beam with an intensity of 10 on the bullocks scale. Obviously the concentration of bullshit in the room had added up to critical voltage and had discharged taking the line of least resistance. I was still struggling with keeping consciousness when he stated that

immediately after the news was out, he knew what to do. He called some of his orgonic friends, that had some Cloudbusters of their own. With combined forces now he and his friends fought a fierce battle against the nuclear clouds that tried to swash into Europe. More meteorological maps followed documenting the success of combined busting. He came to the conclusion that it was subsequently proofed that no increase in radiation was measured left of the river Rhine where he and his friends had positioned themselves with their busters. Or in other words he had saved half of Europe from the Tschernobyl radiation.

"What a hero!!!!" came into my battered mind. Meanwhile most of the audience was paralyzed in awe, when a guy made a request to speak.

"I made an experiment early this year" he started. "I took 20 big pipes, drove them into the Pyrenees and installed them there in a swimming pool"

"NOOOO, what an act of madness!!!" flashed through my mind.

"Wait a second", Mr. Fuckert said, "When did we have this abnormal hot and dry period this year". "Must have been April"
"Oh my god" the guy said, "I had them installed in mid March"

With a thud my head slammed on the table.

Regaining consciousness I was filled with awe. So here they were! I did not know they existed before, but I am sure my subconscious looked for them since 1986, and all of sudden they were standing in front of me. The hero that had saved me from Tschernobyl and the weather frog that had provided me with one month of free sun in April.

When I almost started to cry the inevitable question that now came up, considering the easiness of building a Cloud Buster: "How can busting be controlled?

Several approaches were discussed, creating a central web site among them. In the end they came up with some cowardish excuse rendered as fate, that Cloud Busting furthermore can not be controlled.

I was different opinion. For me it was a clear task for legislation to come up with a law regarding the regulation of "Cloud Busters". There should definitely be some Ministry of "Cloud Busting and Dor Energy Control" with Dr. Fuckert as first minister. Maybe we need some Cloud Busting Swat Team in the police being able to fight cloud busting maniacs?. How about Cloud Busting Special forces in the military, that simply bust the enemy to hell? Maybe we would need some kind of "Cloud Buster Drivers Licence" to make sure everybody with a Cloud Buster in his hands is not accidentally busting the big farting neighbors ass.... Also I am worried Cloud Busters in the hands of globalized terror. Think about Al Qaeda setting up a thousand!! massive steal pipes in a river and busting our world to hell!

A lot of question must be asked!

By now I would not have been surprised a split second about a guy in a Klingon costume coming up to the stage as what had started as a serious Wilhelm Reich symposium now definitely felt more like a star trek convention of "Energy-Esotherics".

"Scotty, transfer more Orgone Energy to the front shields!"

"Sorry captain, we got a direct hit from a Dor Torpedo and the our damn core Orgone Accumulator got busted to bits!!"

"Damn! Lets give those bastards a full broadside with our Cloud Busters Gatling gun!!"

Also I remembered that I was worried about a potential mental problem about his wife, who had held the second lecture of the day. Being married to such a nerd I now saw chances vastly increased for this assumption to be true.

When Mr. Fuckert finished under applause the last word was upon one of the young students that had organized the whole thing. He explicitly once more warned about the dangers of "Cloud Busting" before the whole event ended in a general huggy-feely session.

The last thing I could get was the hand out Dr. Fuckert had prepared. It is a simple manual how to determine the current Dor-Index. So it gives you good help to detect the next nuclear meltdown way ahead.

Click on the image to get a larger Version. Sorry, german only.

As critical I see the whole Orgone thing, interesting thing is, that I had read about a similar energy in the the book "The celistine prophecy". I first read read it, when I got the recommendation through 2 independent sources. My mother had told me about it, she found it quite interesting. I was quite not convinced but when a paper from my 2004 Southern Europe travel fell into my hand, there was a remark by Kelly, an american girl I met in Olympia. "The celistine prophecy" was scribbled on it.

So I got the book and what I read could be perfectly desribed as Orgone Energy. All the book is about recognizing and absorbing the energy, trying to reach the highest stage where you get invisible. Even the blue color is the same. But in the book was no direct reference to Reich or the name Orgone itself.

Curious whether these 2 descriptions are related somehow I asked around whether they know the book. Only Prof. Dr. Senf had heard about it. Questioned how he thinks this is possible, he replied, that there are probable many way to find to the Orgone Energy.

Also, I googled the web and found no evidence of any relation between the 2 corresponding descriptions of energy.

Also lets try do explain little of what going on here.

What we see here is a classic of a non consensus reality
Although we like to think of an objective reality, reality in fact is based on our mental state, experience, believes and with them our expectations. So reality by definition is subjective, and as such only works as humans have similar experience and hence reach a consensus about what is real or not. Also we mock everyone to hell or send him to the nuthouse who dares to not agree with this consensus. By doing so we keep our image of reality clean and we are tempted to think of an objective reality.
Based on believe this group has now developed a slightly different image of reality. The non consenus part is usually kept out of public sight to avoid irritations and hassles and the same time, they need those kind of symposiums, to meet with people that share their believes. As their reality is a minority compared to general reality it needs to be reassured once in a while.
As they truly believe in Dor and Orgone Energy around them, this energy is as real for them as for me water and air. Last one we also can not see, but we still widely believe it's there. Its part of the big consenus, while Orgone Energy is not.
Basically it is the same as with religion. With religion we also extend our reality through believe. Even there is less proof for god than for Orgone Energy most religous people would highly object, if you tell them that god is not part of reality. "Can't be, he talks to me and I feel him every day" you would hear.

What also became clear to me. Einstein was right.

You find people to follow you on every bullshit imaginable.

There is no point on the endless bullshit scale, where the last man turns on you. Just make in convincing and believable. Just make an earnest face. Best is to believe it yourself.


Anonymous said...

I think you should be more open to possibilities rather than impossibilities..............

Anonymous said...

The reason why I went to the symposium is because I am very open to new possibilities. I definitely believe the world is bigger than what just has been proved by science. If you point out where to look I give it a try.

But I won't stop thinking.