Sunday, April 13, 2008

What god really intended with creation

When it comes to the point that we try to understand God's current affairs, we most of the time come up with our most beloved excuse related to our relationship with God.

"We are so small that we are obviously not able to see the higher meaning in God's current affairs"

We say this with without spending a blink of a second about what his intentions might have been.
Actually this sentence is all about to keep us thinking about God.

This is his carte blanche, his licence to kill and a the central pillar of religion and believe.

But for some reason and occasions, this changes and all of sudden we seem to have exceptional knowledge about what his real intentions were. So one day I stumbled about the sentence:

"This is not in terms of god's creation" (here in the sense of homosexual partnerships)

Amazing statement.

Well, in case there is god, we are so to say living in gods creation.
More precise, we all are Gods creation then.

And if we are gods creation, how can there be things he did not want? I mean, if I build.. lets say a house, I make sure it contains just things I want, right?

But maybe he made a mistake? A glitch in creation. Shit happens, so to say.

In this case we are saying that god, a being, that created life, the universe and everything, made a unfortunate mistake, but fortunately we know what he really intended?

Oh boy.....

Click on the the following picture and have a look.

It shows the Tadpole Galaxy. The colored dots in the the background are probably more than a 100 other galaxies. It is a spiral galaxy like ours. And our galaxy, the milky way, consists out of estimated 100-400 billion




Stars like the sun. Some of them we should know quite well, might have some planets. And some planets we should know, could inhabit some life.

Now click on the picture again and take a moment trying to understand what you are looking at.

And now you say again, that god, who can create things of dimensions that exceed by far human imagination, made a unfortunate mistake because some people love a partner of their own sex????

If you believe in god, then I think that

having any doubt in its creation,
is the most arrogant thing a human being can ever say.

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