Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Finite or Infinite Time?

One day I was pondering about the question "What is time", "What was there before the big bang" when I came to some interesting conclusions

There is finite time.
* This means time has a start and an end.
* This means what might have started with the big bang, ends at a certain point.
In this case there must be a some kind of reason, why things started.
If we call the reason god.
* This means god exist

"Great" I thought, so in case there just finite time there is god, what means I will be him with him after death.

So nothing to worry about.

There is infinite time
* This means there is no start and no end.
* This means god must not necessarily exist
* This means the big bang was just another state of transition beyond we just can't see.
* This means the universe breathes in some form, means it expands and contracts frequently.

This thinking the infinite time thing further has an interesting consequences.

What is the probabilty of life at an arbitrary point in the universe?

Well, as I exist I can say that the probabilty of life at a given coordinate X,Y,Z and t(ime) is little more than 0. Not much, but yeah.

So what is the probabilty of life at an arbitrary point in the universe at an arbitrary time?

Lets see

P(livexyz) = x (1> x >0)

so according to Kolmogorov formulation

P(nolivexyz) = 1 - x
=> (1> P(nolivexyz) >0)

P(livexyz)(t) = 1 - P(nolivexyz)^t

if t->infinite and (1> P(nolivexyz) >0)

P(nolivexyz)^t = 0


P(livexyz)(t) = 1 (t -> infinite)

This means, if there is infinite time, there will be life at any place in the universe at a certain time.

Further more it means that the matter or the energy (what we know since e=mc^2 is equivalent) you consist of, will be part with life infinite times.

"Oh bugger!"

This means you are born infinite times again. This means the Buddhists are right! Except for the the exit, no Nirvana, no matter how much you realize the true nature of reality.

To be honest. As I currently estimate the probability of infinite time way higher than the probability of a god that started the whole caboodle I am still not sure whether I like this thought.

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