Monday, April 14, 2008

Ghost Karaoke

On a rather esoteric lecture, a guy dead serious pointed out that he was in an association, where he and other guys meet frequently to listen to ghosts that speak to them on magnetic tape.


Lets examine this.

Question 1. Why a soul should speak on magnetic tape?

Guess how desperately all the souls must have waited for the invention of voice recording on magnetic tapes over the last billion years!!!
Basically I would expect now that the souls got so much to say, now that they can express themselves, they mess up every recording on the planet.

Guess Elvis in his studio....
"Pleeeeeeease Grandgrandgrandpa... You told me story about Little big Horn already a hundred times. Shut up! I am trying to record a song here!"

Question 2. Why would a soul hang around here in the first place?

If I as a soul can travel freely there are definitely places in the universe I am more interested in, than further hanging around on earth.
OK, but maybe souls need still to breath, feel obliged to gravity or something and they have to stay on earth. As often a dead relative can be heard speaking on the recordings, I find it interesting that you probably have the souls of your relatives hanging around where you are.
This means we are walking in a cloud of souls of dead relatives.


But by far more shocking: From the perspective of a soul it means you are doing visits of your relatives for all eternity hoping them to turn on a magnetic tape, if you got something to say....
If you ever asked yourself how eternal torment might look like, here is the answer!

This must be HELL then!!!

Question 3: If a soul got something to say why would it not speak freely?
As the recording is done through a common microphone that records sound waves it should not make any difference for a soul to whisper into a microphone or to straight into my ear.

If found some instruction on how to record some soul karaoke yourself.

It says:
"Do It Yourself
If you'd like to experiment with EVP, all you need is a portable cassette tape recorder and some new high-quality cassette tapes. Make sure you use new tapes because you want to avoid any possibility of having voices or noises previously recorded on the tape.

World ITC offers these tips for successful EVP:

* Use an audiocassette recorder with an external microphone and a source of mild white noise, such as a radio tuned between stations. (Or, as other researcher have done, you can also experiment with the quiet of a cemetery or house; just be sure it is far from traffic noises that might interfere with the recording.)
* Place the microphone a few feet from the radio.
* Turn on the tape recorder and introduce the session. For example: "Good morning. It's Tuesday October 31, 11:59 p.m. I welcome all spirits." Then ask three or four questions.
* Replay the taped sequence and listen closely. A set of earphones can help make the short, faint voices more audible."

Again, we learn that

Souls like cemeteries or empty houses...
Why would a soul love this places? Would you as soul hang around a cemetery?
OK, but maybe the greatest soccer players on earth emerge first on the cemetery and they use the occasion to play soul soccer all day which of course attracts a lot of other souls taking a break from visiting their relatives.

Souls prefer some white noise in the background
Why is that? Why not birds singing or classic music? Or maybe the national hymn for the more patriotic souls?

Souls "don't often sound like normal human voices. They usually have an electronic or otherworldly quality to them".
Please? Souls disguise their voice, to do what? Make them sound more interesting? For Fun? Is the mystic sound part of the whole soul caboodle?

"Whooooo, schubidoooooooooooooo, Luke, I am your father, wobidoooooooo"

Maybe there is some code of conduct for souls?
Rule 1) Always disguise your voice while speaking on magnetic tapes. And make some funny sounds too!

Uff, what a pile of soaked bullshit!

I give it a straight 8 on the bollocks scale

This is what happens, if you start to believe and stop to think same time.

But I will not only mock on those esoterics. Lets take some time to explain the whole thing.

A big part of our perception is dedicated to the following 2 tasks we need all day in our social life.

In visual perception: As it makes social life so much easier, it is to recognize people. We recognize people by their face.
In acoustic perception: Listening to what people say. Means filter out voices and recognize words.

Also important: Perception has a lot to do with expectation. Simplest example is that is way harder for you to find the typos in your text, than in the text you read from somebody else. As you know what words you expect in your text, your perception might fill them in correctly, even if the words contain typos of even if they are missing completely.

So if you tune your TV between stations, so that it displays the white noise only, and watch it concentrated for a couple of hours, what is the first it you are going to see?

Faces. I promise.

And if you listen concentrated for a while to white noise, what do you think is the first one you hear?

Voices, of course.

But in neither cases it is the soul of our dead grandgrandgrandfather that got locked in a TV while it was produced in the factory, or that accidentally dropped by to babble some mystic stuff on your tape. It is just your brain trying to do what it does all day and that got deceived by the white noise.

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