Monday, April 14, 2008

The quest for the question of life, the universe and everything

Raised as protestant, I was even doing the confirmation. To be honest, only for the money, but still. Then my spiritual metamorphose started years ago with the first critical questions about my christian heritage, about the god of christian church.

Once you start questioning the religious and spiritual values you simply inherit from your surrounding culture as a kid, what former seemed to be solid ground, suddenly broke off bit by bit.

It did not take long and what was once my christian god and spiritual universe collapsed like a card house.

Stepping out of the smoking ruins, looking into the spiritual void you inevitably come to the one question.

What is the sense of life? Why am I? What am I supposed to do here?

Get born, get kids, then die?

A viable answer, but if this would be all, then everybody not wanting or being able to have kids, could kill himself on the spot, as he failed the sense of life.

So the answer had to be beyond this. I now put lots of thoughts and effort in this. I went on an amazing Odyssey of Mind during which I traversed the infinite space of what I am, looked in almost every corner, learned and saw incredibly much, but yet the answer refused to appear.

But then, one day my personalities had the following chat.

"Wait a second" my subconscious threw into my mind. "Before you go one the one big question, you have to you have the key!"

"Please? What key?", my conscious replied.

"The key is in the answer the to the preceding question." it said.

"This one's a cracker, but any other question should not be too difficult. Bring it on."

"OK, here we go", subconscious said with profound smile

Why should life make sense? Who said life has to make sense?

"Well that should be easy!" conscious stated immediately, "How about because........"

What sound so easy at the first glimpse, turned into awkward and dark silence.

And the more I thought about it, the more obvious it became to me. The assumption that everything has its sense is typical for humans. Only humans ask questions of this kind. And we automatically assume, that there must be an answer.

But for this question most likely, there is not.

For example I have never seen a cat or a dog to figure out the sense in their existence.

OK, I thought "Life might come without predefined sense, what are the consequences of this?"

And this is easy. For me the only sense in life is to have a good time here on this planet without living on the costs of others.

In other words. For me life makes sense if you are happy, otherwise it does not.

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