Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Myths of Life

1. Education does not influence character
Our character is mostly defined in our genetic code. The best example is my daugher. Although I could not see her for years and although she was raised under completely different circumanstances than I was, I know her as good as I know me. Education can only teach values. Not more.

2. This means: There is no individual
Humans are a collective. Is a single ant running against the stream of ants an individual? Nope, it is still integrated part of the collective.
Also, if our character is defined in our DNA this means if I know the character, I can most likely predict the decision of person in the future. If a can predict the decision of someone in the future, can I call him individual?
I am sure that one day we will be able to predict the decision of someone in a given situation with higher percentage than just 50/50 even before he/she/it is born. Just by analyzing the DNA.

3. This means: There is no other fate
than our genetic predetermination. Our fate is based on our character and hence on our DNA.

4. There is no god with anything like a church.
A real god would want that we treat each other well but no prayers. A god would enjoy happyness, but he would never interact. Because he knows that life or death is meaningless. Religions come and go, only the urge for spirtuality remains constant.

5. Brain creates Soul
not vice versa. We recognize ourselves in the mirror, because our genetic code enables this feature.

6. Our Reality does not exist as we perceive it.
Reality is shared consensus. It is the actual view on our outer world defined by the majority of the human collective.
For example: There is no color, just light of different wave length. Color is basically just made up by our brain, to distinguish the light with different wavelength. When there is no light, it doesn't necessarily mean you can't see. Ask a whale, cat or a bat!
There is no sound just moving air. Imagine all the things that are as real as sound and light, but that we just can't perceive!

7. Being in a place without humans is not at all the definition of lonely.
As long as you can talk to your self you are in pretty good company. The true definition of lonely is when you can't interact with the outer world anymore. Image your inner voice beeing full aware, but your mouth not able to speak and your body not able to move. This is lonely.

8. There is no such thing as free will.
Consciousness is the *end* of perception not the start. Everything we perceive in our conciousness has been thoroghly processed through our subconsciouss. Long before we consciously make a decision our subconscioius has already calculated all options and made a decision.

9. People are neither good nor bad
Are people more good or more bad? The question is wrong. If people could commit the perfect crime, 90% of humanity would be bad, if the chance of beeing caught would be 100% then we would all be good. The real difference between us is the amount of fear we bear. People are more scared/confident than good/bad.

10. There is no time
Our first approach to understand the outer world is over time. To understand something, we look at it now, then we try to find out how it was in the past (before) and then we try to predict it in the future.
I am convinced that time is just made up by our brain to be better able to deal with the outer world. "Experience" for example needs time. To remember our experiences with the outer world and to forget them as well. Our defintion of "long" for example is usally correlated to our average life-time. An amount of change that takes a significant part of our life-time is considered long. But we even perceive time very differently. The seconds before a car crash can feel like minutes, the hours at work as well.
From a bigger perspective "time" is completely unnecessary or in other words "meaningless". There is just "change" and a "now". The universe would work perfectly without time.

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